about cirka cph

At cirka cph we help ambitious clients understand context and catalyze action.
We are powered by our commitment to sustainable solutions that work for everyone.

Our work is to build bridges – social, cultural, and political – that enable engagement, innovation, and action.
We go on the ground to discover opportunities and co-create solutions with stakeholders and affectionates.

Join forces with us to identify and take bold steps towards the future. From strategy to practice, always in context.

this is us

Emil Kragh

Hailing from the TelCo industry as a sales trainer, Emil connects the voice of the customer to operations. A natural bridging person, he brings together the fierceness of the activist and the pragmatism of the diplomat, to help stakeholders reach for their goals. As an organizer and facilitator, Emil is driven by delivering holistic solutions co-developed and embraced by the people on the ground. He carries the passion and resilience to deliver even in challenging environments.


Kai Paludan-Müller

Having a degree in civil engineering in Design and Innovation, Kai is structured yet curious when challenging societal norms. Having an involving approach to development, he assures that the outcome is always relevant to the given context. Kai is passionate about innovation processes and change management, essentially supporting the growth of the people that he is working with.


Marius Grote
Digital Sustainability Associate

With a passion for sustainable consumption and circular design, Marius has boldly ventured from digital transition with vinyl, pixels and AI, to applying this knowledge towards sustainable outcomes. He now creates climate impact in the intersection of human behaviour and digital technology. Marius is also co-founder of a danish tech start-up that helps cities and citizens to boost recycling rates.

Giulio Pagnacco
Climate Science Associate

Holding a M.Sc. in Climate Change, Giulio is a passionate climate science and applies this working with businesses to design targeted sustainability strategies. He is extremely curious in understanding people’s needs and hopes for a sustainable solutions overcoming existing barriers to climate action. Giulio is also Associate Consultant at Business for Social Responsibilty.

Your name here?
Climate Action Consultant

Ready to join a tight-knit team of passionate climate action changemakers? At cirka cph we are always eager to hear from dedicated professionals, who want to work and grow with us in developing impactful interventions for our public and private clients. You might be engaged in sustainability science, change leadership or strategic business development. Say hi, and we’ll get in touch.

our approach to sustainable action

Our clients aim to support sustainable lives and partner with us to take bold steps towards sustainability by doing more of what they are best at.

designing behaviour

From food to transportation, the everyday choices people make can improve health, working culture and climate footprint. We gauge the needs of your colleagues, and design information and environment effectively for better behaviours. Help your people make choices that make everyone a winner. Great for internal operations.

Designing behaviour typically includes:
Interviewing stakeholders and asssessing needs
Observations, nudges and solution testing
Solution design and implementation
Follow-up effect monitoring and improvements

designing behaviour

empowering collaboration

Ideating, strategizing or knowledge sharing, we offer to host, design and facilitate collaborative workshops tailored to your aims. We make sure that input is generated, prioritized and delivered with structure and freedom in equilibrium. Help your team make collaboration more engaging and effective. Great for groups of all sizes.

Empowering collaboration typically includes:
  Interviewing and assessing needs of sample participants
  Prioritizing key agenda points and key outcomes
  Hosting, designing and facilitating workshop program
  Reporting on key insights

empowering collaboration

engaging stakeholders

No need to stand alone with it all! Stakeholders can be an invaluable ally to deliver results. Enabling them to contribute opens up new opportunities and strengthens stakeholder relations. We engage new voices and identify how they can be leveraged to realize impactful initiatives. Great for working with users, citizens and customers.

Engaging stakeholders typically includes:
  Identifying and mapping key stakeholders
  Interviewing stakeholders and assessing relation
  Designing and structuring engagement program
  Reporting insights and recommended next steps

engaging stakeholders

evoking agency

Train any team to understand your business and context as a whole. We help strengthen decision capacity and agency to act with discernment. Our learning in practice-sessions starts from where you are, and brings together the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed for navigating in a complex business landscape. Great for teams to understand their impact.

Evoking agency is a workshop package which:
  Strengthens the ability to navigate complexity and uncertainty
  Helps the team apply systems thinking principles to their challenges
  Is delivered for and adapted to your team, in your context
  Uniquely merges learning and doing

evoking agency

appraisals received

cirka cph has achieved critical acclaim for a series of sustainability innovations in recent years. A selected range of appraisals include:
  Admitted to “Proof of Business” programme by CSE (Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship) (2020)
  Selected as “promising new player” by AKA Accelerator (2020)
  Special pitch on energy efficiency roadmap for city officials at C40 Mayors Summit (2019)
  Awarded the ‘Educational Experiment for Systemic Change’ fund – EIT Climate-KIC (2019)
  Winning team at Solutions Roadmap – Next Generation City Action (2019)
  Winning team at Smart Grid Solutions Sprint – EIT Climate-KIC (2019)
  Nominated finalist behavioural design solution at Novo Nordisk Behavioural Design Challenge (2018)
  Nominated finalist at Founders of Tomorrow – Dare Disrupt (2018)