your next step in climate action

Our services are designed to help you engage colleagues, customers and collaborators towards achieving impact across all scopes.
Whether you are a business or public institution, there are plenty of actionable steps to take towards sustainability today.



Format: talk, presentation, lecture
Duration: 45 min – 2 hours
No. of participants: 5 – 200

grøn omstilling workshop


Format: workshop, intervention, training
Duration: 2hours – 1days
No. of participants: 5 – 100

grøn omstilling program


Format: course, workshop series, process, solutions
Duration: starting from 3 x half days
No. of participants: 5 – 60

A human starting point

Whether you are aiming for a certain behaviour or have set out a strategic direction, your success depends on people – from customers and citizens to colleagues and business partners. Learn about our services that bring together the right people to achieve sustainability results.

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