your next step in climate action

Our services are designed to help you engage colleagues, customers and collaborators towards achieving impact across all scopes.
Whether you are a business or public institution, there are plenty of actionable steps to take towards sustainability today.



Format: talk, presentation, lecture
Duration: 45 min – 2 hours
No. of participants: 5 – 200

grøn omstilling workshop


Format: workshop, intervention, training
Duration: 2hours – 1days
No. of participants: 5 – 100

grøn omstilling program


Format: course, workshop series, process, solutions
Duration: starting from 3 x half days
No. of participants: 5 – 60

A human starting point

Whether you are aiming for a certain behaviour or have set out a strategic direction, your success depends on people – from customers and citizens to colleagues and business partners. Learn about our services that bring together the right people to achieve sustainability results.

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Event: Foster a change mindset

Are you putting people at the core of your sustainable transition? Inspiration from learning about successful transitions can be a powerful catalysts for driving individual change. In this lecture, we share engaging insights, stories, and projects of human-driven, sustainable change that will provide your audience with energy to drive your sustainable transition in their daily tasks and decisions.

Session: Take action on your transition

You are ready to take action, and you pave the transition path as you move along. Your team and stakeholders have the understanding of needs, context and behaviours that can take you forward. In this interactive workshop, we help uncover and qualify the brilliant sustainable opportunities and solutions available. From identification to evaluation, we help you turn insight into action now.

Programme: Create a transition culture

Are you ready to truly transition to a green company? You will need a company culture that embraces the complexity of continuous sustainable learning and adaptation. With this solution, we develop processes and practices that enable your organization to keep pursuing the next level of sustainable action.

Time for climate action?