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Our services are designed to help you engage colleagues, customers and collaborators towards achieving impact across all scopes.
Whether you are a business or public institution, there are plenty of actionable steps to take towards sustainability today.



Format: talk, presentation, lecture
Duration: 45 min – 2 hours
No. of participants: 5 – 200

grøn omstilling workshop


Format: workshop, intervention, training
Duration: 2hours – 1days
No. of participants: 5 – 100

grøn omstilling program


Format: course, workshop series, process, solutions
Duration: starting from 3 x half days
No. of participants: 5 – 60

A human starting point

Whether you are aiming for a certain behaviour or have set out a strategic direction, your success depends on people – from customers and citizens to colleagues and business partners. Learn about our services that bring together the right people to achieve sustainability results.

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Event: Lead the way together

What green ambitions influence your stakeholders? Businesses, NGO's and governments are facing growing expectations from stakeholders - from customers to employees and business partners. With the backing of your stakeholders, what change could be made possible? In this lecture, we'll unfold participation strategies that take you forward by enabling your stakeholders to create meaningful relationships that strengthen shared commitment and resilience for your strategic direction.

Session: Engage new allies

Great solutions are born out of meaningful explorations with the right people. Invite your stakeholders onboard for an insightful exchange in making sense of how your company can help them achieve their ambitions. In this workshop, you get to strengthen understanding between your company and its stakeholders by joining forces around a shared challenge. Our team ensures your people and process are in place, so you can focus on getting wiser on insider perspectives and moving forward together.

Programme: Build partnerships for the future

What if you don't have to do it alone? The most effective, resilient green solutions come about by leveraging the contextual expertise of stakeholders. This enables you to create strategic partnerships and gather around a shared direction. With this solution, we collect the insights needed to identify, engage and facilitate partnerships of high value. For when you are ready to move more than just yourself.

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