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Our services are designed to help you engage colleagues, customers and collaborators towards achieving impact across all scopes.
Whether you are a business or public institution, there are plenty of actionable steps to take towards sustainability today.



Format: talk, presentation, lecture
Duration: 45 min – 2 hours
No. of participants: 5 – 200

grøn omstilling workshop


Format: workshop, intervention, training
Duration: 2hours – 1days
No. of participants: 5 – 100

grøn omstilling program


Format: course, workshop series, process, solutions
Duration: starting from 3 x half days
No. of participants: 5 – 60

A human starting point

Whether you are aiming for a certain behaviour or have set out a strategic direction, your success depends on people – from customers and citizens to colleagues and business partners. Learn about our services that bring together the right people to achieve sustainability results.

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Event: Drive sustainable behaviour

What does it mean to be green? How can you and your organization become more sustainable? One of the first steps to answering these questions is gaining a better understanding of the subconscious forces influencing human behavior. In this lecture, you'll learn about the power of human biases, how we can resist them, and some strategies for guiding people, organizations, and communities towards more sustainable behavior.

Session: Understand patterns of behaviour

You have made the decision to engage in more green behavior - congratulations! Now, how can you make sure that these sustainable changes last? Understanding the behavioural patterns is a great way to ensure that sustainable behaviors are reinforced to endure. In this interactive workshop, we'll help you discover the dynamics you can use to positively influence behavior, contextualizing them within your own environment to pave a green path forward for your operations and development.

Programme: Behavioural design solutions

Implementing sustainable behaviour in practice requires decisive action based on reliable methods. With this full service solution, our team maps and nudges the physical and attitudal changes required to get your desired green behaviour rolling. Customized to your needs and setting, this is a great way to turn sustainability into everyday practices - both for colleagues, customers and business partners.

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